Contract packing for the food industry
since 1991

Flow wrapping

We operate 13 Rose Forgrove flow wrap machines which can pack anything from chocolate bars to cakes, biscuits, noodles, crisps and cereal bars.

Each flow-wrapping line can produce up to 70-80 packs per minute, or 4,500 packs per hour, with online & case printing, in controlled areas that we can isolate to supply individual clients needing smaller capacities and avoid any opportunity for cross contamination.

We have dealt with countless flow wrapping projects over the years, and have very experienced staff, so do talk to us about any of your flow wrapping requirements.

Case study - Pocklington’s Bakery

Pocklington’s bakery needed a new way to pack their range of luxury plum bread to give them a more professional pack look, and also to help extend their shelf life.

The team at Layford advised Pocklington's and then trialled some samples. From the success of the trials we then went in to a full production run. The client was very happy with the results, saying they we were immensely impressed with the quality and standard of packing.

Some products we have packed:

product-caramel product-timeout9 product-pockling-plumb product-pbl-slices product-pockling-cherry product-sticks-tj Product Twirl5 Product Freddocaramel Product Buttons