Contract packing for the food industry
since 1991

Hand Packing

We run two hand packing lines using a pool of experienced staff.

We have trained staff working on hand packing and repacking of products, such as a recent repacking order for the ice-cream market repacking flakes into trays from loose boxes.

Please see the example case study below, and get in touch with any specific requirements.

Example: re-packing chocolate flakes

We worked on a large project for Mondelez in March-April 2016 to repack Cadbury Flake 99s for the ice cream season. Over 2 million flakes needed to be repacked from loose bags into trays and then into sets of 144 flakes per box. The process took around 6 weeks using a trained set of experienced staff.

As a result from the repacking we were able to supply the flake 99s in a format that would survive in transit with very little wastage through breakages.

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    Pillow packing

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Some products we have packed: